Enemy – By Betsy Dornbusch: A book Review



Everything Draken thinks he knows is wrong.

The last time Draken travelled Akrasia, he was the highest lord in the land. His journey before that was eased by royal favour and the grace of the gods. This time is different. His adopted country buckling under attack from religious fanatics and his Queen presumed dead, Draken must flee a deadly coup by an upstart lord. Bitter from fighting an insurmountable war and losing the life he’s built, he lets the ghosts of past mistakes drive him into vigilante revenge. But Draken is about to learn gods and wars have a way of catching up to a man.

In the thrilling conclusion to Dornbush’s Book of the Seven Eyes trilogy, follow Draken as he tries to find peace solace in a life that has been surrounded by bloodshed. Will he avenge those he cares about, while striking down those that stand in his way? Enemy covers all this and more in this epic fantasy series.

Author: Betsy Dornbusch

Publisher: Night Shade Books

Release Date: 21/07/2017

Genre: Fantasy

Pages: 308

My chosen format: Kindle

My rating of ‘Enemy’: 4 out of 5

Purchase: Amazon UK, Amazon US


I received a copy of ‘Enemy’ in exchange for an honest review.

The cover does very well in covering a lot of points throughout the book. The bandage/mask worn by Draken, his faithful horse that he pushes through terrifying situations and the multiple moons. I like the colour scheme and feel the artist has done remarkably well in making it feel like a true night scene rather than just an image of someone riding a horse at night. The blurb does enough to give the reader the feeling that poor Draken isn’t going to be in for three-hundred pages of smooth sailing. Just shows the barest hint of the misery that will be inflicted upon the poor guy.

When initially contacted by Betsy in regards to reviewing ‘Enemy’, I was hesitant due to it being the third instalment of a trilogy that I had not yet read the first two volumes. She did, however, assure me that it was easy to pick up and gain an understanding of the world from this novel alone. She wasn’t wrong in saying so. Obviously, jumping in at book three, I was left scratching my head when certain things crop up such as past characters or some instances of the terminology unique to the universe Betsy has created in the Draken books etc … but it is easy to puzzle out who’s who and what’s what, so I never truly felt out of my depth whilst reading ‘Enemy’.

Betsy has done a remarkable job of creating a diverse cast of characters. These range from the protagonist ‘Draken’ who rivals Robin Hobb’s ‘FitzChivalry Farseer’ for the amount of misery that befalls him. Even through all of his ill-fortune, Draken never stops fighting, despite his frequent wishes to do so. He is guided by one of my favourite characters ‘Bruche’. Bruche is Draken’s ‘swordhand’ (a spirit existing within him that acts as both a conscience, at times, and a skilled warrior when Draken needs to defend himself). Bruche’s sarcastic nature make him a thoroughly enjoyable character to read. He is certainly a nice contrast to Draken who, at times, can come across as cold and unlikeable. ‘Enemy’ features a whole variety of other characters from ghosts to gods and necromancers to assassins, all of which make the title a very interesting and pleasing book to read.

The story has everything you want in the final instalment of a trilogy (war, betrayal, feel-good moments that leave the reader with a smile on their face etc …), in fact, with everything that happened it almost felt like a much larger tale condensed into one manageable volume. Betsy’s writing style lent towards the strength of the book as, besides the odd typo here and there, she has a very strong style that just helps the story flow ever so well. The strength of the characters and the uniqueness of either them or the abilities they are gifted, simply keeps the enjoyment rolling as you read.

There were parts of the book that I felt slightly rushed but these were not frequent. There were also parts where I felt as though the world didn’t feel like a ‘complete world’ but this could simply be my having not read the first two books in the trilogy.

All in all, I thoroughly enjoyed reading the end of Draken’s tale and, if ever the character was to have any more adventures, I would certainly pick up any future titles to read up on his exploits.


6 thoughts on “Enemy – By Betsy Dornbusch: A book Review

    1. You might well like this series. Bruche is very similar to you in wit, if not a little better with a sword 😉 i Agree. I remember reading the Deathstalker series only to realise I started on book 9. Best damn space opera I ever read.

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  1. I’ve never started a trilogy by reading the last book, I can only imagine how courageous that must be! It sounds like a great book, but I’d probably begin at the first book 😛 Would you recommend this to other people? If so, what genre should they enjoy why they’d enjoy this book?

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    1. Absolutely, I’d recommend the trilogy based on this book. Seeing as how I enjoyed this one I can only assume I would love the others. It is pretty much a book for fans of fantasy, however it isn’t grim or dark so I would imagine anyone could pick it up as a first dip into the fantasy genre. Has it’s funny moments as well 🙂

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