Quiet Places by Jasper Bark – A Book/Novella Review

Quiet Places


The people of Dunballan, harbour a dark secret. A secret more terrible than the Beast that stalks the dense forests of Dunballan. A secret that holds David McCavendish, last in a long line of Lairds, in its unbreakable grip.

It’s down to Sally, David’s lover, to free David from the sinister clutches of the Beast. But, with the whole town against her, she must ally herself with an ancient woodland force and trace Dunballan’s secret back to its bitter origins. Those origins lie within the McCavendish family history, and a blasphemous heresy that stretches back to the beginning of time. Some truths are too terrible to face, and the darkest of these lie waiting for Sally, in the Quiet Places.


Author: Jasper Bark

Publisher: Crystal Lake Publishing

Release Date: 29/09/2017

Genre: Horror

Pages: 123

Format: Kindle

My Rating of ‘Quiet Places’: 4 out of 5

Purchase: Amazon UKAmazon US



I received a copy of ‘Quiet Places’ for free in exchange for an honest review.

Quiet Places was a strange one for me. Not strange in the fact that I didn’t enjoy it, as I really did. It was strange because I loved pretty much everything about it … everything except the main character. I frequently found myself tiring of her. She was so bitter and her bitterness seeped through the pages and into me.

I understand she isn’t having the best time, but her thinking the town is selfish is kind of hypocritical. As she is being selfish in wanting the same thing they want.

It had a great plot, the author did some clever flashbacks (and in some cases it was like Inception, with flashbacks within flashbacks). These parts in particular felt as though they added a new dimension to ‘Quiet Places’.

One thing I really like is the use of the local legend and how well Jasper Bark links it back through both the town, and the McCavendish’s family history. There is also so much going on in ‘Quiet Places’ on a supernatural/mythical level that just adds so much enjoyment to the piece.

The parts where the author takes us back through the McCavendish family history are enthralling, as are any of the ritualistic things mentioned throughout. All in all it’s an enjoyable read.

I think this is the 2nd piece from Crystal Lake Publishing I have read and reviewed and I can only hope I get my teeth into more. They are putting out some fine writing from some fine talent. Always good to see the smaller presses doing well!

8 thoughts on “Quiet Places by Jasper Bark – A Book/Novella Review

  1. Hmm, this sounds rather good, in fact it sounds really great. I like the fact that it mixes a couple of things together, and all of them things I like. Yoo bad about the main character though. One of the things that I find important in pretty much any medium, is characters. All in all though, this sounds like an interesting read. Will keep an eye out for this one 😀

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