February Wrap-up

February was a tiny bit less-productive than January for me, but I did read a book that won’t be reviewed until a short way into march due to publication dates. I was also a little bit lazier due to really not enjoying reading Court of Broken Knives. Every time I picked it up I just felt sluggish towards reading. So, had I gone for anything else, I may well have had a better time of things last month.

I didn’t add any kind o fstats on to January’s Wrap-up post, but fully intend to do so from now on. Note the * next to the audio listening time … that’s because I actually finished Galaxy Outlaws a while back and just haven’t gotten around to writing a review until February. So technically it should be 85 hours less … but more looks more impressive and what not.


Pages Read: 1,176

Hours/Minutes Listened: 107 hours 58 mins *




The Builders by Daniel Polansky


Wings of the Storm

Wings of the Storm (The Rise of Sigurd Trilogy #3) by Giles Kristian


Court of Broken Knives

The Court of Broken Knives by Anna Smith Spark


Audio Books

Black Ocean

Galaxy Outlaws: The Complete Black Ocean Mobius Missions 1-16.5 By J.S. Morin



Dark Matter by Blake Crouch



Dark Imperium by Guy Haley


Short Stories


{Short Read Sunday} Here There Be Tygers by Stephen King


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7 thoughts on “February Wrap-up

  1. I’m pretty sure in most of the wrap up posts I’ve read for February people have been saying they weren’t as productive or they were in slumps myself included.

    How did you like Dark Matter? I’ve seen it a lot and I haven’t made up my mind on if I want to read it or not.

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