Small Press/Indie Publisher Spotlight

I’ve recently been thinking about the publishing world and how many books I have enjoyed that have been published by small, independent publishers. After all, my own book was published by a small publisher that has, sadly, since gone out of business.

The aim of this series of posts over the coming weeks and hopefully months (totally depending on how many small publishers I can find that are interested in taking part) is to highlight these publishers and let them showcase a few of their wares via an interview-type post that will have questions catered for both readers and authors alike.

These posts will also have a small selection of some of the stuff these publishers put out. I hope anyone who reads the posts that are to come in this series helps out by sharing the love for the smaller independent publishers. Whether that’s by re-blogs, sharing on facebook, twitter etc … or even just by word of mouth.

My blog pretty much caters to the darker side of fiction, but these posts will be open to small presses of any genre from fantasy to romance to fiction. So if you have a few favourite indie publishers, please mention them in the comments. I’d love to hunt them down, get in touch and hopefully do a post on them in the future.

I’ll be making a dedicated blog page for this series so the publishers and their posts are easily found rather than just lost to the mists of time as more and more blog posts are created.

9 thoughts on “Small Press/Indie Publisher Spotlight

  1. Great idea, Aaron, and thanks for volunteering for this impossible task! 🙂 I’ll definitely keep reading your posts, though I doubt I can be much help with hunting down the subjects for them!

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