Fiction & Non-Fiction Podcasts I’m Hooked On

It’s been a few months since I made a post about podcasts that I’m loving (I really should start doing more reviews considering I’m blasting through the things as fast I am) so thought it was high time I listed a few more favourites I’d recently discovered. There’s a mixture of fiction and non-fiction and, for a complete list of my podcast loves check out my older post: Podcasts I’m Loving & Have Loved to see all the cool podcasts I’ve been binge-listening to. Hope you enjoy some of them!

I’m eternally grateful for things like podcasts during these times of Covid-19 as it’s content that most producers can continue with during the pandemic and provides much needed escapism.

Do any of these, or the shows on my previous post take your fancy? Have you listened to any of these?


Video Palace

Video Palace

Genre: Horror

Fact or Fiction: Fiction

Episodes: 10 (1 season)

Website: Video Palace

Video Palace tells the story of video collector Mark Cambria who after watching a recently acquired VHS tape, begins talking in his sleep in a mysterious language. Mark and his girlfriend Tamra set out to investigate the tape’s origin and find themselves caught up in a web of conspiracy, the occult, and dread surrounding a legendary video store with a sinister purpose.


Astonishing Legends


Astonishing Legends

Genre: Myth, Lore & Legend

Fact or Fiction: Fact and Fiction

Episodes: 188 (at the time of this writing)

Website: Astonishing Legends

Scott & Forrest have been called the ‘Click and Clack of esoterica’ by their listeners. Their mission is to take a look at legendary strange and unusual events from throughout history and interview people who’ve had close encounters with the unexplained. They strive to bring you everything that’s entertaining about those stories and remind you that it’s ok to laugh at scary stories and respectfully, even the people that tell them. Put your headphones on, settle in for your commute and get ready to experience a show like nothing you’ve ever heard before. Our new show schedule is roughly 3 weeks of new shows and then 1 week off.


The History of Ancient Greece


History of Greece

Genre: History

Fact or Fiction: Fact

Episodes: 137 (at time of this writing)

Website: The History of Ancient Greece

The podcast begins in Greece’s mythological past, explaining what the Greeks themselves believed the origin of their universe was. Then we delve into the early archaeological evidence for humans in Greece and the way this society developed before the advent of writing. Over the course of our story we will cover almost 2000 years, from the Bronze Age period to the Roman conquest. I want to tell the long history of a fundamental civilization, bringing to life the fascinating stories of the ancient sources. But this isn’t a podcast just about stories, and it won’t just be political history, either. There too will be a big emphasis on social history, that is how the people actually lived their day-to-day lives, as well as their culture—art, architecture, philosophy, literature, religion, science, and all those other awesome aspects of the Greek achievement. This will be a comprehensive, in-depth political, social, and cultural history of Greece. So get excited, I know I am!

The Case of Charles Dexter Ward


case of charles dexter ward

Genre: Horror

Fact or Fiction: Fiction

Episodes: 10 (Season 1 of a continuous running series, next season is listed below)

Website: The Case of Charles Dexter Ward

From H.P. Lovecraft: An investigation into the disappearance of a young man from a locked room in an asylum.


The Whisperer in Darkness

whisperer in darkness

Genre: Horror

Fact or Fiction: Fiction

Episodes: 10 (season 2 of continuous running series. Season 1 listed above)

Website: The Whisperer in Darkness

An investigation into witchcraft, the occult and secret government operations. From H.P. Lovecraft





Genre: Steampunk, comedy

Fact or Fiction: Fiction

Episodes: 13 across two seasons, plus a variety of mini episodes and one feature length episode available to anyone who donates.

Website: Victoriocity

Even Greater London, 1887. In this vast metropolis, Inspector Archibald Fleet and journalist Clara Entwhistle investigate a murder, only to find themselves at the centre of a conspiracy of impossible proportions.

15 thoughts on “Fiction & Non-Fiction Podcasts I’m Hooked On

    1. Both that and The Whisperer in Darkness are modern day audio dramas revolving around a podcast called the ‘Mystery Machine’ as they investigate dark goings on.

      The Lovecraft stories are inspiration for both. Whisperer in Darkness is season 2 and directly follows the happenings of Charles Dexter Ward.

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  1. I’ve always wanted to try podcast but haven’t tried it yet. I think it’s because I always think of it like audiobooks which I also don’t listen too that much.

    But when I find the enthusiasm to listen to podcasts, I’ll try the ones in this and your old post. 😊

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    1. Audio drama podcasts are very similar to audio books. The talk show or non-fiction ones are more like radio 🙂

      Hope you enjoy if you do decide to give them a go. Unlike audio books, they’re free at least 🙂

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