Tomb of Gods by Brian Moreland – A Book Review

Tomb of Gods


Deep inside the tomb exists a hidden world of wonder and terror.

In 1935, British archaeologists vanished inside an Egyptian cave. A year later, one man returned covered in mysterious scars.

Egyptologist Imogen Riley desperately wants to know what happened to the ill-fated expedition led by her grandfather. On a quest for answers, she joins a team of archeologists and soldiers in Egypt. Inside a mountain tomb, they ve found a technologically advanced relic and a maze of tunnels. Dr. Nathan Trummel believes this tomb leads to the most guarded secrets of the pharaohs. When the explorers venture deep into the caves, they discover a hidden world of wonder and terror.

Author: Brian Moreland
Publisher: Flame Tress Press
Pages: 288
Release Date: 21/05/2020
My Chosen Format: Kindle
My Rating of ‘Tomb of Gods’: 4 out of 5
Purchase: Amazon UK, Amazon US


I received a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.

The blurb for this grabbed me right away. It has so many of the things I love: adventure, historical fiction, archeology, ancient Egypt, unsolved mysteries etc … so I was excited to say the very least.

After her grandfather is found, a year after his disappearance, and with strange, unintelligible symbols carved upon every inch of his flesh, Imogen goes off in search of the mysteries surrounding his disappearance.

Tomb of Gods has a fairly wide array of characters who, for one reason or another have some darkness hidden within their pasts. For the most part, these characters, whether good or bad, are enjoyable as relates to the plot. One, however, the main antagonist, feels too much like a pantomime villain and I hated him. I hated parts where he was a focal point. Not in the way you should hate an antagonist, but because I just thought he was a poor, sloppy creation the author could have done better with.

The way the author delves into the Egyptian religion and how their whole pantheon of gods are addressed is interesting and, as a whole, I absolutely loved the concept. It’s the kind of idea I’d love to see more of in such fiction in the future.

The story, from start to finish goes along at a fair pace and is broken up by a fair amount of flashbacks to each character’s pasts and, at one point I felt it would get too tedious, but the author found a way of keeping it fresh and interesting rather than flat and monotonous.

All in all, Tomb of Gods was an enjoyable, fun read with the potential for an intriguing sequel.

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