Vampire State Building by Ange, Patrick Renault & Charlie Adlard- A Graphic Novel Review

Vampire state building


The newest horror series from the artist of The Walking Dead! Get ready to be bitten from the first full color page…

Terry Fisher is a young soldier on the verge of being sent away for active military duty, and is going to meet his friends at the top of the Empire State Building for a farewell party. But suddenly a legion of vampires attacks the skyscraper and massacres its occupants. Hounded in the 102 floors that have become a deadly trap, Terry must take decisive action to save himself and his friends – and the city of New York – before the army of abominations, and the terrible vampire god within, walled in the building since its construction, spill into the city…

Collecting the hit 4 issue series into one handsome hard cover volume. Includes behind the scenes material, cover gallery, sketches, designs, and more!


Creators: Ange, Patrick Renault & Charlie Adlard

Publisher: Ablaze

Pages: 144

Release Date: 16/06/2020

My Chosen Format: E-book

My Rating of ‘Vampire State Building’: 2 out of 5

Purchase:Β Amazon UK,Β Amazon US



I received a copy of this graphic novel in exchange for an honest review.

I blame you for this Salty

This will only be a quick review, as it’s only a pretty short book. I’ll start by just coming out and saying that I really did not enjoy this. It didn’t seem to have the faintest idea how to tell a story that was in any way believable.

It’s a real shame as the concept is pretty damn cool. They just ruined it for me. Every decision taken seemed to be based of either no knowledge or the most randomly obscure knowledge that someone just happened to be an expert on at the time. Far too convenient.

The choices made by characters were laughable and the ending just sort of happened. I stopped reading it halfway through, which was a big mistake as I just totally struggled to pick it back up again. In the end I forced myself and am just glad to have finished it.

It’s not all bad. The artwork is pretty decent and gives it a dark feel. Sadly, no matter how good the artwork may be, it just can’t save this from feeling like a rushed job. The main reason I gave it a two rather than a one was for the artwork (and the gorgeous cover and decent concept). Beyond that, for me at least, I struggled to find much in the way of redeeming qualities. Unless you count the fact that it could be a pretty convincing B-movie as a redeeming quality.

Proof to all those neighsayers that bloggers only give out positive reviews when given something for free. If ever you encounter any such person, feel free to direct them to this post. It’s proof we can be scathing to anything, whether it’s free or not.



10 thoughts on “Vampire State Building by Ange, Patrick Renault & Charlie Adlard- A Graphic Novel Review

    1. I had already been approved for it on Netgalley before seeing his review 😭 and I don’t like asking for an ARC and not reading. I was part way through when he posted it and I have a strict ‘no DNF’ policy. Fool that I am.

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      1. I only very rarely DNF books – I remember only 3 books that I actually DNFed in the last 10 or 15 years. But I’m happy that I did DNF them, as they were making me simply wretched.

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  1. Oh, I’m so sorry you didn’t enjoy this one. I agree that the concept sounds really good so it’s such a disappointment when it doesn’t deliver. Too bad, I have a copy of this for review as well so I’ll definitely keep in mind your thoughts. Great review!

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