324 Abercorn by Mark Allan Gunnells – A Book Review

324 abercorn


Brad Storm doesn’t believe in ghosts, but moving into the house at 324 Abercorn just may change his mind.

Best-selling author Bradley Storm finally has enough money to buy and restore his dream home. Despite 324 Abercorn’s reputation as one of the most haunted houses in America, Bradley isn’t worried. He doesn’t believe in the supernatural. Then strange things begin to happen. Objects no longer where he left them. Phantom noises heard from empty rooms. Shadows glimpsed from the corner of his eye.

Is his house truly haunted, or is there something more sinister happening on the property?

With the help of Bradley’s new boyfriend and a few friends who are just as intrigued with the seemingly inexplicable occurrences surrounding the infamous house, they set out to find the truth of what stalks the halls at 324 Abercorn.

Author: Mark Allan Gunnells
Publisher: Crystal Lake Publishing
Pages: 170
Genre: Horror
Release Date: 08/07/2020
My Chosen Format: Kindle
My Rating for ‘324 Abercorn’: 3 out of 5
Purchase: Amazon UK, Amazon US


I recieved a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.

For me, 324 Abercorn is a mixture of easy/addictive reading, fast pace and a smidgen of disappointment.

Its just shy of 200 pages and is a quick and fun read. The creepy aspects within the house are handled very well and the unbeliever turned hesitant believer in Bradley Storm makes for a good character.

The amount of story that the author gets into this makes it feel way longer than it is. I was actually surprised to see the page count looking back at the story told.

The author populated the book with some interesting characters and a couple that, despite being named and recurring characters, still feel just a bit too much like filler/background characters. One of my favourite has to be Harold/Titty Titty Gangbang. An absolutely hilarious character.

The disappointment, for me at least, comes from a couple of places. The first being the instant romance. I know, it’s a short book so you can’t have a long term, slow burn kind of thing. But in 324 Abercorn it amounts to two guys bumping into each other and just deciding they are together. I know I’m not a romance lover but, when its in something I’m reading, I kind of expect there to be a little more to it.

My other source of disappointment was nearer the end. Certain events kind of took it away from the realm of horror. In fact, I’d label this as closer to a suspense novel than a horror novel. That being said, it’s certainly not an ending I predicted in any way.

Those disappointments aside, I still enjoyed it and am happy that I read it. The pacing and easy reading aspect of Gunnells’ writing meant that I finished it pretty quickly. Not something I could have done for a bad book.

7 thoughts on “324 Abercorn by Mark Allan Gunnells – A Book Review

    1. I’m not normally a romance fan, but I can take it if it’s in the background and not a main part of the story. But this was at the forefront, a huge part of the story and there was no build up to it. Just instant romance. On a whole, the book was enjoyable, but instant romance just makes sour on a book/film/show anyway.


  1. good review. 🙂 I see that with most of the novels marketed in the “horror” genre, they ultimately turn out to be suspense novels. That’s the reason why I read so less of horror n0vels because they are actually so less. Glad to know this was a quick and short read for you despite the shortcomings.

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  2. Great dissection of pros and cons. I won’t be attempting this. From the blurb it seems that the horror part might be a scam on some third party part, probably to get the house or some such… And while romance is usually not my thing, insta-love is something I abhor 😂😂

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    1. I tend to dislike romance when its in your face and a major part of the story. Don’t mind it in the background. But this was pretty much 50%+ of the story focus. Too much for me when I just want horrory goodness.

      And yea … insta-love turns me off a product in any form of media

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