My Half Year In Books (July 1st to December 31st) 2020

Around the half way point of the year I did a ‘my half year in books’ so thought it would make total sense to do the 2nd half of that post now. If the post is unreadable it’s because I have grouped images together and you are reading on a mobile device. If WordPress has fixed that bug, ignore me as I am talking nonsense.

I reached a total of 100 books read this year and, of that total only 9 fell below the 3 star mark. So, overall, I’m really happy with the level of enjoyment gained from the books/audio books I’ve picked up this year.


Physical/E-books Read: 29
Total Pages Read: 10,088
Average Pages: 347
Audio Books Listened To: 24
Total Hours Listened: 11 Days, 4 Hours, 6 Mins



5 Star Rating:


4 Star Rating:


3 Star Rating:


2 Star Rating:



Audio Books:

5 Star Rating:


4 Star Rating:


3 Star Rating:


1 Star Rating: 

The Unspoken Name

21 thoughts on “My Half Year In Books (July 1st to December 31st) 2020

  1. Still fuming about Devil and the Dark Water being there in the 3 star category.

    Otherwise, looks like you’ve had a good reading year and hope it continues into 2021

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  2. It’s painful you only gave *** to “Master and Commander” 😉 Nice mix of old and new!

    I want to brag I’ve reached the late Middle Kingdom in the The History of Egypt Podcast, it is addictive 🙂

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    1. I’m up to episode 54 … you are fast, good sir! Now I have my new headphones I’m hoping to through more on my walks 🙂

      I enjoyed Master and Commander, and will be carrying on with the series in future, it just didn’t hit the high notes I was expecting.

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      1. Wow! That’s awesome going, I hope you and your family were kept safe from the virus.

        Hopefully this year fares better! & that you break your own record of book-reading! ☺️

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