January Wrap-Up 2021

New Year, new me … that’s what the coronavirus is saying anyway. All these mutations = stay at home for us in the United Kingdom and I’m sure other people across the world. Stay at home = Aaron keeps up the pace he’s been hitting with his reading and listening.

Because WordPress is terrible on the mobile app when anyone groups pictures together (I mean, why would they even want to fix a bug that’s been known about for months? Why fix what’s broke when you can fiddle with things that work fine?) I have tried to group the images together as close as possible whilst inserting them individually. Hopefully WordPress doesn’t like the fact I’ve tried to work around their bug and shake things up anyway. Scratch that, going by the preview, it’s messed the formatting up with my links on the audio books section. I hate everyone involved with this whole Block Editor at WordPress. Satan himself wouldn’t take them.

I’m counting ‘The Hobbit’ in the books read tally eve though I didn’t review it. I don’t review children’s fiction on here (especially children’s fiction by an author who doesn’t have a very good grasp on punctuation. I rated it a 2, though. That rating will also be added into the average. Sorry for any Hobbit fans my dislike of it offends. I know that it’s the kind of ‘literary treasure’ people get a bee in their bonnet over.)

Books Read: 5

Audio Books Finished: 5

Non-Review Posts: 4

Pages Read: 1,926

Total Listening Time: 42hrs 14mins

Average Rating: 3.8 out of 5

Books Read:

The Outsider The Wind in my Heart Hobbit WeRide the Storm The Creak on the Stairs

The Outsider by Stephen King

The Wind in My Heart By Douglas Wynne

We Ride The Storm by Devin Madson

The Creak On The Stairs by Eva Björg Ægisdóttir

Audio Books:

Chistmas Carol Voice of treason Ghoulslayer Thirteen Storeys The Guest List

A Christmas Carol By Charles Dickens

Sherlock Holmes & The Voice of Treason

Ghoulslayer by Darius Hinks

Thirteen Storeys by Jonathan Sims

The Guest List by Lucy Foley

Non-Review Posts:

Swords & Spectres ‘Best Books of 2020’ Awards

My Stephen King Wish List

Unexplained Mystery Book Recommendations?

Book Haul

17 thoughts on “January Wrap-Up 2021

    1. Yea … as sacrilege as what I’m about to say is to many fans worldwide … Tolkien just isn’t a great author (for The Hobbit at least). Grasp of punctuation was basic at best and all over the place at worst. Plus, things would just crop up that the characters would have had no way of having but just had them anyway. Careless for the most part.

      Vaccine seems to be going well. Seem ahead of schedule but some places are doing worse than others over here. I suppose, with such a large country and so many states ran so differently, issues were inevitably going to crop up in the US

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      1. Yeah, the rollout of the vaccines are hitting the snags that every person with a shred of experience was expecting. Only politicians and nutjob yobs thought it would go seamlessly 😀

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  1. I liked Hobit a lot more than LoTR, but then again I read it at an younger age where things could still wow me with how close a shave certain things were. No offence taken for the two, your opinion is as valid as any other book reviewer on here that I follow. I too have had problems with group linking more than one foto, i just gave up and will do each picture seperately from now on. WP can be a right dick and I am pretty sure satan is behind it as it brings out the worst in all of us… I see I have a lot of reviews that I missed, but I have been so busy with 1000 Sons and gaming that I spend less time read fellow blogger’s posts. Forgive me for that.

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    1. No problem, dude. I don’t expect people to read everything I post 🙂 I’ve been going pretty steady at 3 posts a week, so it’s a lot 😂

      I also loved Tge Hobbit when reading at a younger age. My advice would be hold on to those memories and don’t re-read.

      I’m about 80 pages into False Gods. Really glad you and Jen gave me the desire to dive back into HH.

      Also gaming a lot here, too. Addicted to Borderlands 2 right now. Hope you’re enjoying Thousand Sons

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      1. I talk about it in my reading plans that is scheduled for tomorrow. I am loving it all so far, harsh stuff being missunderstood in the Grim darkness of 40K that is for sure… I have been playing a lot of Resident Evil Revelations2 in the past weeks on the PS3. I miss owning a pc, but also glad i do not have one because I might as well say goodbye to blogging then.

        I love having Jenn onbaord and how patient she is in waiting for me to finish a book first. I have not read her review yet as I do not want to read spoilers just yet, even though I know 1000 sons turn traitor…

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      2. Yea, if I’m buddy reading I never read a review until I have finished reading it. That way I can’t be influenced or hit spoilers.

        I’ve never enjoyed PC gaming. My PS4 takes up enough of my time 😂

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      3. Us having started on 11 this year will hopefully see us at around 23 by the end of this year. Ill be happy if i can get that far. Seing as we (read she) has already finished book13 things are looking good so far. Tales did help me draw a few conclusions here and there at least, but doesnt have to be read.

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  2. I really thought they’d have fixed the image grouping thing by now. It’s so frustrating. It was working fine until the stupid block editor thing. Ugh!
    But, really, 2 stars for the Hobbit? Lol! My nosy self would have liked to see a ranty review of it although I love the book.

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    1. The ranty review would have consisted of ‘Tolkien’s grasp of punctuation is basic at best and non-existent at worst’. Things happen that shouldn’t (the dwarves having large musical instruments (one has a harp) but when they were first described they nothing but a coat and pack. Riddled with inconsistencies and two-dimensional characters who all talk the same.

      It’s my fault, though. I should have left the happy memories in my childhood 😦

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