March Wrap-Up 2021

We’ve had some frustratingly cold weather in the UK, some gorgeously hot weather and some gale force winds winds. All in the space of a week. The other three weeks were pretty similar. The winds were so strong that the house opposite me had their fence, all twenty feet or so of it, blown down. Just happy the people who live there didn’t fancy a spot of nude sunbathing during the few days of gorgeous weather we had, as my desk literally points at their garden.

I got a bit more into podcasts this past month, mostly binge-listening The History of Egypt Podcast. That, along with really struggling with the Ahriman audio book, meant that my audio book listening was pretty much halved.


Books Read: 6

Pages Read: 2,204 {up by 273 from last month}

Audio Books Finished: 2

Total Listening Time: 27hrs 8mins {down by 26hrs 15 mins}

Average Rating: 3.75 out of 5 {up from 3.2 out of 5 last month}

Non-Review Posts: 4


Physical Books:


Galaxy in FlamesHell MouthFlight of the eisensteinThe Crimson ScriptEmbers of WarFall of Koli


Galaxy in Flames

The Flight of the Eisenstein


The Crimson Script

Embers of War

The Fall of Koli


Audio Books:


AhrimanPet Semetary


Ahriman: Exile

Pet Semetary


Non-Review Posts:

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Books I’m Excited About in 2021

March Mini Haul

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17 thoughts on “March Wrap-Up 2021

      1. Yea, you need to call someone to take my podcasts away. I blame the warhammer audio book. It was … not good 😂

        Just realised another part of the reason was starting a 26 hour audio book. So that will boost next month.

        Just finished Project Hail Mary. At a loss as to what to read next 😦

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      2. That makes sense

        Did you enjoy project hail Mary?

        It’s been 6-8 weeks since I read any SFF so doubtful I’ll even get around to it which is a bit of a shock to the reading system


    1. It’s been really nice these past few days (although temperatures will be going to freezing at the start of next week🤷‍♂️). It’s been really nice sitting in the garden with a book, birds feeding in the trees. Shame every day can’t be as pleasant

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  1. I got the ahriman on my netgalley back list of books to read still. Sucks that you struggled with it. Ive also been doing some history of’s books on audible this month. Not gotten to podcasting yet

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  2. It’s always the people you don’t want to see who do, you know. Those must be quite some winds.

    Oooo…Pet Sematary. I went through a Stephen King binge a number of years ago, but I couldn’t bring myself to read it. I thought it would creep me out way too much – more than the other books.

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    1. It’s not overt horror, but it certainly gets you thinking about certain things. Not sure what I want my next King read to be.

      Haha I’m the only sunbather near me that I know of. I do it in my boxer shorts and, thankfully for my poor neighbours, you can’t see into my garden 🙂

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