My Half Year In Books July1st – December 31st

This year, despite returning to work after a lengthy furlough period, I managed to get through 80 books. It’s not a massive number compared to what I see elsewhere on the blogging world, but it’s big for me. I’m not a quick reader so was fairly happy to have got through what I managed. According to my half-yearly post I made back in June/July (here) I managed fifty books in the first half the year, which means, after going back to work, I managed thirty. That’s about average for when I’m back at work. Considering I was super-lazy and didn’t read much at all the past couple of months, that’s an improvement, I suppose?

In a slightly sad note, all of my five star reads were actually audio books. Not a single physical/e-book to be found in that category.

Please find below a wash of covers from books I’ve finished this year in rating order. On to 2022!

Total Pages Read: 5,212

Total Time Spent Listening: 240 hrs 40mins (10 days, 0hrs, 40mins)


4 Star:

The Black Prism Legacy of the Brightwash Bone Ship's Wake Blood of the Chosen Small angry planet

3 Star:

Final Girl Descent of Angels Stolen Earth

2 Star:

Notes from a burning age Blinding Knife Sea of Dreams

Audio Books:

5 Star:

Empire of the Vampire

Priest of Gallows Voyage of the Beagle Planets

Forces of Nature

Sailing Alone Around the World

4 Star:

Duty Calls Congo Wylding Hall

3 Star:

The Remaining False Value His Bloody Project Pariah Alone on the Ice Leviathan Falls Wisdom of Crowds

1 Star:

Horrorstor Doors of Eden

19 thoughts on “My Half Year In Books July1st – December 31st

      1. Yea, reading the physicals. Simon Vance is one of my favourite narrators. I’m weird in that, if I read a book, I like to carry on with physicals. I have swapped a couple of times and it annoys me to do it.

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  1. You only listened for ten days?? What the heck did you do with the rest of your time? Eat, sleep? Ridiculous πŸ˜‚

    If you were to go back and read your five-star books written, do you think they’d be as good?

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    1. That’s ten days of combined listening time … somewhere in the region of 40 audio books πŸ˜‚

      I don’t know, I’d like to think so. But sometimes a narrator really breathes life into a book in the way my reading can’t


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