Genesis by Rick Partlow – An Audio Book Review


It was every starship captain’s nightmare, and for Travis Miller, it was his own personal hell.

He’d done everything by the book, but when the Tahni had attacked him and his crew, there was no choice but to return fire and destroy the first alien vessel humans had ever encountered.

Excoriated in the press, his career in shambles, Travis is exiled to a long patrol of the outer colony worlds. Forgotten, except as a bad example…until the Tahni prove him right by declaring war on the human commonwealth.

Now, Travis Miller is the tip of the spear. Humanity’s best hope for turning back an overwhelming assault on human space. Because to the Tahni, humans are infidels and this is a holy war….

Author: Rick Partlow

Narrator: James Patrick Cronin

Publisher: None specified on Audible

Series: The Holy War #1

Run Time: 10hrs 50mins

Genre: Science Fiction/Military Sci-Fi

My Rating of ‘Genesis’: 2 out of 5


I was hoping to pick up a sci-fi series to fill that void left by the Expanse. What I seemed to find was something that feels (and I can’t say for certain) heavily influenced by The Expanse. Not exactly what I’d hoped for, but I pushed on.

I absolutely loved the concept of someone, in this case a mining vessel, stumbling across a rip in space that transports them to another star system. The intricacies that could go into world building and storylines with a start like that got me excited. Which is why I was a little let down when the author decided that time jumps were the best way to get to the next bit in the story he wanted to tell.

This whole book feels like there is an awful lot either going on or that the author wants to happen. Because of this, we get time skips and little bits here and there shoe-horned in at the expense of character development, world-building and any kind of in-depth look at what’s truly going on. I’d have enjoyed it more if the entire thing was more a journey of discovery rather than part discovery, part ‘this is what we figured out in the past few years so here’s a run down of why everything is happening the way it is’.

One of my main gripes is the lack of character development. Other than names, jobs and ranks … not a great deal goes into fleshing anyone out. I don’t honestly remember many of the names other than the odd surname here or there. Which, considering the story is peppered with time jumps, I find it a bit strange that the characters haven’t altered/developed at all in the intervening years. Nothing much about them has stayed with me and, regarding the whole novel the same could be said. Other than the opening, and the concept that got me so hooked, nothing much stands out in my memory.

So many people seem to have enjoyed this (at the time of writing, 89% of it’s ratings on Amazon are either 4 or 5 star ratings and that’s out of a total of 985 ratings). It’s just not for me, though. The above issues and there being no obvious reason why the main character was given the opportunities he was given other than ‘well, you survived that one time,’ just make it a bit too much of an idea running wild than a cohesive story keeping me hooked.

4 thoughts on “Genesis by Rick Partlow – An Audio Book Review

  1. I went and had a look on amazon. This is an amazon released book, so while Partlow appears to have written some previous books, he’s of the lowgrade amateur grade. You should be thankful you got off as unscathed as you did 😀

    And it is really good to see you back blogging. Hopefully your next book is a bit better.

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    1. Thank you 🙂 it feels good to be back to doing more routine things and taking pleasure in those things.

      Ahh, I didn’t dig as deeply. It was a free title on Audible so took the plunge. You can tell he has good ideas, but he’s just far too eager to get them all out at the expense of world/plot/character building.

      Hope you’ve been well

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  2. The synopsis of this novel was very promising, and your earlier mention of a series that would fill your “Expanse void” quite intriguing, but once I reached the part of your review where you lament the lack of character development I knew I could let this one go without regret… Thank you so much for sharing!!! 🙂

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