Da Gobbo’s Revenge by Mike Brooks – A Book Review

Da Gobbo's Revenge


Fingwit is a grot.

Food, riches, prestige, some form of personal safety – all of these are alien concepts to him, stuck firmly as he is at the bottom of the high, kunnin’, and brutally violent heap that constitutes ork society, where to be a grot is to suffer endless torment.

However, when the Mek whom Fingwit unwillingly serves leads him and his fellow grots in a boarding action of an Imperial vessel as part of a vast void war, Fingwit is presented with an opportunity to become not just a hero but a legend… Da Red Gobbo.

Author: Mike Brooks

Publisher: Black Library

Genre: Science Fiction/WH40K

Pages: 109

Release Date: 13/11/2021

My Chosen Format: Kindle

My Rating of Da Gobbo’s Revenge: 4 out of 5

Purchase: Amazon


I received a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.

I buddy read this along with Dave at wordaholicanonymous. His review can be found HERE

This is my second green-skinned offering as far as reading goes and, much like Brutal Kunnin’ (although not quite as much) I really enjoyed this. Anything orcish, from the mind of Mike Brooks, is going to fun. Lots of fun.

Our story follows Fingwit, part of a grot gang known as ‘Da Fingers’. Much like the rest of grot kind, Fingwit, and his band of grottish companions, live in the hope of getting through their day not being eaten, tortured or just flat out killed by their orc overlords. It’s not a big ask for all of the above, but a grot that makes it through any given day without any/all of the above things happening to them can consider themselves richer than most.

Sadly, for Fingwit and his crew, their mission takes them deep inside a human warship. So violence, pain and bowel-loosening fear are things they’ll have to get used to.

Brooks has a certain rough beauty that goes into his orcy works and it was on full show here. He uses the orc lingo and mannerisms perfectly to get across the fact you’re reading a book from an alien perspective rather than a book with alien pov written as though it could have just been a human race. So bravo for the continued attention to detail that goes into these.

As much as I loved this book, I did feel certain parts of it got a bit samey. I liked it a little less when Da Red Gobbo appeared, and perhaps felt it could have done with a dash more orc throughout. Although, saying that, seeing the way a grot’s mind works things out and puzzles through the way we humans do things was a lot of fun.

Overall, buying this, or any orc book written by Brooks, is well worth your time and money. I just hope he’s got the creative juices flowing at full-speed. Need more orc in my life!

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