Happy New Year … somewhat belatedly

Happy belated new year!

The reason this is so late is a pretty embarrassing one … I lost my laptop charger. So my laptop has essentially been a chunky paperweight for the last ten days or so.

I’m not normally one for resolutions (far too easily broken), so I decided to promise myself a couple things instead, things which were promised a little before the new year anyway. I’ve decided to cook more and rely less on store-bought meals/takeaways (already managing this, so that’s a success). And to self-publish the Goosebump-style horror/adventure novella I wrote (with a view to writing more). I had some unexpectedly lovely comments from people who read the book a year or so ago and it’s given me the urge to get it out there.

How was everyone’s new year? Make any resolutions/promises?


12 thoughts on “Happy New Year … somewhat belatedly

  1. Glad to hear the cooking idea is working for you.

    Did you find the old cord or have to buy a new one for the paperweight?

    I don’t do resolutions because, as you note, they’re so easily broken and I don’t want to get into the habit of saying I’m going to do something knowing full well I won’t be able to.


  2. Happy new year, and I hope it’s a good one for you.
    I make one-word resolutions and then little goals that pertain to it. I can’t do the huge resolutions thing.
    I’ve been trying to cook more too, but it can be such a challenge when life gets busy. Sometimes the best thing to do is to cook on the weekend and hope it lasts for half the week.


  3. Happy New Year! (well wishes are good at any time, don’t worry!) 😉
    And well done on the decision to cook more: cooking – for oneself or for family and friends – can turn out to be both fun and rewarding. We look forward to some posts on your exploits 🙂


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