Monthly Wrap-Up (Jan 2023)

It’s been an eternity since I last did any kind of wrap-up. Due to my having lost all enthusiasm for reading, doing a post to toot my own horn about managing to get through a book every three weeks didn’t seem like an endeavour worth making. As it is, I’ve managed to get my reading flare back so thought I might as well try and get some blogging flare back, too.


Two of the audio books I finished didn’t get reviewed. Although I was getting my flare back, I didn’t quite have it by then so never got round to working up the enthusiasm to write them down. I did rate them on Goodreads, though. These were the two Ciaphas Cain books ‘The Last Ditch’ and ‘The Greater Good’ which I rated 5 stars and 3 stars respectively.

Books Finished: 3

Total Pages: 802

Audio Books Finished: 4

Total Listening Time: 38hrs 41mins

Average Rating: 4.14 out of 5

Non-Review Posts: 3

Physical/E-Books Finished


Take a Bite

End House

Conan: Blood of the Serpent

Take a Bite: Eat Your Way Around the World

The Peril At End House

Audio Books Finished:

Forever and a day

Unnatural Causes

last ditch

greater good

Forever and a Day

Unnatural Causes

Non-Review Posts:

Happy New Year … somewhat belatedly

Book Haul – The Joys of Audible Plus

Reading Tastes for the Last Four Years (Pie Charts)


6 thoughts on “Monthly Wrap-Up (Jan 2023)

      1. I think I like Gaunt a little better, but Cain definitely sees more variety in terms of enemies. Gaunt seems to be run into the ruinous powers more than anything while Cain gets them, heretics, the Tau, etc…

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