Graphic Novel Reviews

Welcome to my easy to search through, alphabetically ordered Graphic Novel review archive. The reviews are listed from A-Z, ranked in order by the author’s surname. Each will be marked with a tag showing the genre: H (horror), Sci-Fi (Science Fiction), F (Fantasy), HF (Historical Fiction). Some may have multiple tags.


Aaronovitch, Ben – Rivers of London Vol 1: Body Work {F}

Ange, Renault & Adlard – Vampire State Building {Urban Fantasy}


Gaiman, Neil – Creatures of the Night {F}


Liu, Cixin – Sea of Dreams {Sci-Fi}

Loeb, Jeph – Batman: The Long Halloween {F}


Millar, Mark – Nemesis {F]

Morrison, Grant – Batman: Arkham Asylum {F}


Smith, Matt – Judge Dredd: Year One {F}

Serizawa, Naoki – Resident Evil: Marhawa Desire Vol 1 {H}