Podcasts I’m Loving & Have Loved

It came to my attention that I listen to a lot of podcast content but haven’t done anything on here podcast-related for a good few months. So here’s a list of some podcasts I have loved (finished series/ongoing in-between seasons) and some that I am loving right now (still ongoing). They are mostly fiction with…… Continue reading Podcasts I’m Loving & Have Loved

Ars Paradoxica {Complete seasons 1-3) – A Podcast Review

  Title: Ars Paradoxica Created by: The Whisperforge Voice Cast: Kristen DiMercurio, Katie Speed, Lia Peros, Reyn Beeler, L. Jeefrey Moore, Preston Max Allen, Robin Gabrielli and many more. Seasons: 3 (Complete) Website: Ars Paradoxica My Rating of ‘Ars Paradoxica: 5 out of 5   Review: Ars Paradoxica … WOW! The concept is a young physicist,…… Continue reading Ars Paradoxica {Complete seasons 1-3) – A Podcast Review