Book Haul

Due to coming into contact with someone who tested positive for Covid, I’m having to self-isolate (I’m testing negative at least). Was hoping to power through some books … but I also got a PS5 recently so the whole ‘power through some books’ idea turned into ‘get the platinum trophy on Ratchet & Clank’ instead.…… Continue reading Book Haul

My Half Year In Books (July 1st to December 31st) 2020

Around the half way point of the year I did a ‘my half year in books’ so thought it would make total sense to do the 2nd half of that post now. If the post is unreadable it’s because I have grouped images together and you are reading on a mobile device. If WordPress has…… Continue reading My Half Year In Books (July 1st to December 31st) 2020

Monthly Wrap-Up – November 2020

Some exciting stuff happened in November, most exciting of all were the reports of vaccines that have been proven to be effective and could start making the rounds as early as December. Yay for (hopefully) not living under constant fear of straying within six feet of other people … In less plague-related news, my reading…… Continue reading Monthly Wrap-Up – November 2020