New Cosmic Horror Indie Release: The Vegas Rift

It’s not often I do release exposure posts, but I did an interview with the publishing house in question (Red Cape Publishing) and, because they’re an awesome little horror publisher that have put out, and continue to put out some really cool, interesting content, I’m happy to give some of their titles the promotion they…… Continue reading New Cosmic Horror Indie Release: The Vegas Rift

Small Press Spotlight: Red Cape Publishing

Welcome to the first post in my ‘Small Press Spotlight’ series where, each post, a different independent publisher will be interviewed. Please spread the word and help our smaller publishers thrive. Peter talks about what goes into the day to day running of an independent publisher, how Red Cape Publishing goes about finding its authors,…… Continue reading Small Press Spotlight: Red Cape Publishing

Small Press/Indie Publisher Spotlight

I’ve recently been thinking about the publishing world and how many books I have enjoyed that have been published by small, independent publishers. After all, my own book was published by a small publisher that has, sadly, since gone out of business. The aim of this series of posts over the coming weeks and hopefully…… Continue reading Small Press/Indie Publisher Spotlight