Monthly Wrap-Up (Jan 2023)

It’s been an eternity since I last did any kind of wrap-up. Due to my having lost all enthusiasm for reading, doing a post to toot my own horn about managing to get through a book every three weeks didn’t seem like an endeavour worth making. As it is, I’ve managed to get my reading…… Continue reading Monthly Wrap-Up (Jan 2023)

Reading Tastes for the Last Four Years (Pie Charts)

I recently felt that my reading tastes have changed (in my head quite drastically) since when I started really reading a half-decent amount each year. So, naturally, the stat nerd in me got all excited and decided Pie Charts were the way forward. I lumped it into seven categories: Historical Fiction, Horror, Science Fiction, Fantasy.…… Continue reading Reading Tastes for the Last Four Years (Pie Charts)

My Favourite Reads/Listens of 2019

Much like yesterday’s post of my least favourite books I read this year, today’s post of my most favourite and highly recommended does not come in any particular order. They are just good, solid reads that I wish I could have erased from my mind so I could have the pleasure of experiencing again for…… Continue reading My Favourite Reads/Listens of 2019