Might Be a Tad Quiet … Busy Writing

I know, what a shock, eh? I’ve been quiet for aaaages, came back and was a tad less quiet, and now I’m getting distracted by writing. The shame!

I recently stumbled across a publisher that has an open submission window for horror novels/novellas of 30,000 words and up. Sadly, they don’t accept YA horror … which is what I have. So I took my laptop to a local cafΓ©, did the whole stereotypical writer thing, and came home an hour later with a fully-formed chapter. I’m five chapters deep and the enthusiasm hasn’t wavered yet.

It does mean my reading time has taken a bit of a hit (admittedly, mentally and physically draining days at work have hit it way more than the writing). I still have a few posts I need to write up and I plan on visiting/interacting with other blogs as often as possible. But I may be a bit (a bit more) sporadic due to this.


Don’t worry, I’ll not be posting my literary efforts on here. So you don’t have to politely nod or pretend you didn’t see a post πŸ˜‰


I just checked, and I actually have 6 reviews that need writing … so provided I don’t get too distracted (I almost certainly will), it will at least look like my reading hasn’t took a dip.

26 thoughts on “Might Be a Tad Quiet … Busy Writing

    1. I’d hate to merge the two. It’s nice to keep my hobbies separate. The only time the two would ‘merge’ is if I got published. And it would be a post saying ‘hey, this happened’ and then back to business as usual πŸ˜‚

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      1. You will do better to hunt for different places to write. I believe the creative energies flow differently in different places. You never know you could be hitting a 24k in a day. But even so, 12k is damn good progress.

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