I don’t often go in for memes (I’m boring like that) but, with the new year, I decided to give myself a resolution to do a few and create one or two.


Short Read Sunday

Hughes .M Laura – Danse Macabre {H}

Edwards, Nigel – Garrison {F}

Wraight, Chris – The Gates of Azyr {F}

Cornwell, Bernard – Sharpe’s Christmas {Historical Fiction}

Wilde, Oscar – The Ballad of Reading Gaol {Historical}

Doyle Conan, Arthur – A Case of Identity {Historical Fiction}

King, Stephen – The Reaper’s Image {H}

King, Stephen – The Reach {H}

Nevill, l. G Adam – Before You Sleep {H}

McArdle, Keith – Assassin {F}


Noises at the Door


The Liebster Award

I Dare You Book Tag

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