Critical Failures 2 ‘Fail Harder by Robert Bevan – A Book Review

Critical Failures 2



Finding themselves permanently stuck in this strange new world, the gang tries to make the best of it by finding the nearest tavern and getting shitfaced. The plan goes just fine until they lose Katherine and Chaz. They soon discover that they aren’t the first players Mordred has sent to this world.


Author: Robert Bevan

Publisher: Robert Bevan

Release Date: 12/10/2013

Pages: 235

Genre: Fantasy

My Rating of ‘Critical Failures 2’: 5 out of 5

My Chosen Format: Kindle

Purchase: Amazon UKAmazon US



I know, a lot of the readers of my blog probably aren’t as big of a geeky nerd as me and thus will not be overly bothered about a hilarious fantasy-comedy series set in a Dungeons and Dragon style world. Unfortunately for those readers, there are six or so of them at present and I’ll be working my way through the lot in the coming months.

This will be a fairly short review as I can’t mention too much without giving everything away as a spoiler-type thing.

Critical Failures 2 leaves off with Tim and the Gang still in the fantasy game world of Caverns & Creatures thanks to their evil Cavern Master sending them into the game with magical dice. Much like the first book, anyone who enjoys to laugh can get on with it, even if they don’t enjoy Fantasy Role Play Games. I have had a few friends who tried it and fell in love with that rib-shaking pain they get from laughing too much (one even became a D&D player after reading).

The gang, much determined to not die in this magical world due to the knowledge that death in the game equals you dying for good in real life as well, do their utmost to make friends. As luck would have it, they stumble across ‘The Whores Head Inn’ and discover that they aren’t the only people Mordred (their evil Cavern Master) has sent into the game before.

Fail Harder sees the group do everything they can to earn money in order to find a way back home. Be it mundane jobs or ‘werewolf’ duty. Other highlights of the book include undead love, more from Cooper, everyone’s favourite incontinent half-orc who can’t help but share pretty much all of his bodily fluids with those around him, zombie gardeners and, quite possibly, the greatest (non-sexual), most hilarious scene you will ever see using a dildo.

I am currently re-reading the series to get myself back up to speed so I can properly enjoy the newer books and am finding so many good gags I missed the first time round. If anything, they are better the second time around (and this comes from a man who is vehemently against re-reading).

Fan-boy moment over.

22 thoughts on “Critical Failures 2 ‘Fail Harder by Robert Bevan – A Book Review

  1. As someone who enjoys tabletop rpg and, occasionally, anime like “Grimgar of Fantasy and Ash”, I might be in the target demographic of this 🙂 I’ll add this series to my list!

    I could recommend a similar book – “Game Night” – ” story of a bad tabletop game and the characters who have to live through it”, quite a funny one as well 🙂

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    1. Thanks for the suggestion. I’ll have a look at that as well 🙂

      There’s one called ‘NPCs’ that is a bit more serious than it is funny and revolves around a cast of NPCs after a group of adventurers die in their tavern.

      I love anything like this.

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      1. It has to be on a separate page like an about page, review policy, etc and there is a generic one around on lots of blogs, some have said you need more than just a generic one though, others say it is fine, I’m not up on all the nonsense. Or just find a blog that has one and copy there’s but alter bits so it’s not exactly the same.

        The generic one is:

        Your blog name does not share personal information with third-parties, nor do we store information we collect about your visit to this blog for use other than to analyze content performance through the use of cookies, which you can turn off at anytime by modifying your Internet browser’s settings. We are not responsible for the republishing of the content found on this blog on other Web sites or media without our permission. This privacy policy is subject to change without notice.

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      2. That didn’t use to pop up because it was an optional widget. Once GDwhatever happened, it popped up across the board and will do so each time someone clears their cookies.
        So I just assumed that was enough.

        Being in the US, my first comment pretty much sums up my attitude about it, lol 😀

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  2. I think I have 2 more series to finish before I add this, but it will be coming in the next 2-4 months. Looking forward to what you think upon a re-read. So far it seems you’re loving it still. Excellent!

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    1. I’m loving it so much more on a re-read. Still laughing as much. It’s got a lot if swearing in it (it’s that kind of humour). I look forward to seeing what you think. Make sure to ping me in the review so I don’t miss it. I just hope it isn’t a let down for you.

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      1. I’ll definitely link back to your reviews.
        I hope I like them too 😀

        Isn’t it an odd feeling when you recommend something to someone and you’re not quite sure if it will be a Yay or Nay?

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      2. It really is. I’m totally understanding that everyone’s tastes differ and that my likes won’t mesh with those of other readers. It doesn’t stop the child in me KNOWING that those people are wrong, however 😂

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