My Half Year in Books Jan 1st – June 30th

As a rule I tend to set myself a target of reading a book a week throughout the year. Last year, I smashed that by hitting one-hundred books over the course of the year so decided that a ‘half-yearly look at me’ style post was in order. This year, by June 30th I have managed to get to fifty books out of my targeted fifty-two (it would have been more but I just switched off and got super lazy as far as reading, listening and blogging in general went during June). So I decided to do another half-yearly one to spice up the doldrum of my feed (review, haul or wrap up … yes, I know, this is technically a wrap-up).

Please find below lots of pretty pictures based on my reading and listening for the year so far. Apologies if the pics aren’t lined up in a symmetrical order, but wordpress still haven’t managed to make the ‘group images’ feature work on the mobile app. So, in the interest of making my post readable (and non-seizure inducing) to all who click upon it, I have painstakingly added and (tried to) line up each picture individually. I either love you all enough to put the effort in or I’m bored and this is a wonderful way to kill some time. I won’t say which as my blog is typically a non-spoiler place 🙂


Upon checking the ‘preview post’ function, I can confirm that wordpress is a liar. The images in my post (for the physical books) are in rows of three and the images for the audio books are in rows of two. WordPress is literally the poster child for ‘item may not be as pictured on the box’. 


Total Pages Read: 10,521

Total Time Spent Listening: 262 hrs 26 mins (10 days, 22 hours, 26 minutes)




5 Star Reads:

The Outsider WeRide the Storm The Wind in my Heart Galaxy in Flames Fall of Koli Flight of the eisenstein Project Hail Mary The Grey Bastards The Shadow of the Gods Wanderers Ten Low 


4 Star Reads:


The Creak on the Stairs Horus Rising False Gods 24 Hours in Athens Before He Wakes The Blacktongue Thief The girl with all the gifts


3 Star Reads:


Archive of the Forgotten House of Twelve Hell Mouth Embers of War 24 Hours in China


2 Star Reads:

Hobbit The Seventh Perfection The Kingdom of Liars


Audio Books Finished:


5 Star Listens:

Chistmas Carol Tiamat's Wrath Best served cold Red Country The Sisters Brothers death or glory


4 Star Listens:


Voice of treason Ghoulslayer Hereticus Pet Semetary The Templars The Heroes 


3 Star Listens:


Thirteen Storeys Gutter Prayer

Old Man's War Skitarius


2 Star Listens:


Ahriman Black HawksTwelve Plagues


1 Star Listens:

The Guest List Arkham County

13 thoughts on “My Half Year in Books Jan 1st – June 30th

  1. You’re only two books behind. You’ll smash it out of the park especially considering some of the chunky books you’ve been reading.

    I’ll try channeling some of my reading pace at you (i.e. don’t read the mountains of description so in depth)

    Liked by 2 people

  2. Well just think, now you can coast the rest of the year and still easily beat your goal 😀

    and dont worry, you’re not the only one fed up with wp. I’m a paying customer and the “unfollow myself” issue is still happening to me. And they just admitted that it is happening to others as well. So chances are pretty good I’ll be un-dotcom’ing and going back to the free wordpress. Not going to pay for MORE problems 😦

    I am jealous of how many 5star reads you had.

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Yea, my reading choices have been rather kind to me so far this year 🙂

      Hopefully by going back to the free version, along with a ‘I refuse to pay because your service is lacking’ email might light a fire under them. Hopefully more people go down the un-paying route

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  3. You’ve read some great books in 2021, and it’s a pleasure to see the gallery of covers, but it is a blasphemy to rate Hobbit so low, I cannot use any other word here 😉

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I fully expected that comment from more than just one person … I just felt everything from storytelling to grammar was sub par 🙈 although, as a story to read to my niece, it’s certainly something I could have some fun with

      Liked by 1 person

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