Unexplained Mystery Book Recommendations?

Last year I picked up my first book that delves into an unexplained mystery (The mystery in question was The Dyatlov Pass Incident and the review of said book can be found here).

I also just picked up a book (The Lighthouse by Keith McCloskey) that looks into the unexplained disappearance of the three lighthouse works at the Eilean Mor lighthouse (a lighthouse situated in the remote Outer Hebrides, Scotland). This disappearance took place in late December, 1900 and, to this day, neither sight nor sound of these three unfortunate men has ever been discovered.

Does anyone have any suggestions for books on unexplained mysteries similar to these? Obviously, this is a bit of a niche subject, so I don’t expect a mass outpouring of recommendations, but any would be appreciated. I’m looking to expand my little ‘unexplained library’ in the future.

Also, if not a book that you can suggest, are there any peculiar unexplained instances that you are aware of? Anything I can do a bit of digging into will also be much appreciated.

8 thoughts on “Unexplained Mystery Book Recommendations?

  1. I’ve just gone and bought myself a copy of The Lighthouse πŸ˜‚ It’s a mystery that interests me, but I only know the basic facts, like the fact that all but one of their coats were found still hanging on their hooks (at least I think they were). I haven’t read any books on it, but I’m sure a book about Flight 19 would be pretty interesting.

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    1. Just listened to the Astonishing Legends ep on the Lighthouse and flight 419. Both really interesting.

      Did you buy it because I mentioned it or was that just some spooky coincidence?

      I think I may look into books about the missing Roanoke colony. Bloody Astonishing Legends … every ep I listen to I think ‘well, this will cost money’ πŸ˜‚

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      1. Do you prefer Astonishing Legend’s unsolved mystery eps, or do you like their eps on the supernatural as well? I don’t know if you’ve listened to their Mothman series, but if you have and you liked it, just a heads that the Cryptonaut Podcast just did a fantastic series on it too 😁

        I bought it because you mentioned it. I loved Dead Mountain so I figured I could trust this book choice as well πŸ˜‚

        Hope you find some great books on the Roanoke colony!

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      2. They’ve mentioned a good-sounding book on Roanoke called ‘The Secret Token’. Unfortunately, I’ve a lot to read so ‘The Lighthouse will have to wait 😭

        Like both the unsolved and the paranormal. No real preference but I’m always on the lookout for things I havem’t heard from before. I THINK I’ve listened to their mothman one … but listened/read so much about it that it all blends into one πŸ™ˆ

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  2. I always loved the discovery channel shows about the bermuda triangle. Don’t know that it would be what ye are looking for though. I am very interested in the lighthouse book and have been seeing it everywhere. Arrr!
    x The Captain

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