Stupid Me and My Non-Note Taking Ways – Mini Reviews Happening Instead

Having been super-busy with work and writing etc … I haven’t been blogging as much. So, I decided that the best way to capitalise on all the reading and listening I was still doing was to take notes and write reviews of everything for when I came back a bit more regularly.

Guess who took about two reviews worth of notes and is having to just throw star ratings at stuff on Goodreads because he didn’t take the detailed notes he planned on taking. In my defence; I’ve been so burnt out from work that I can’t remember a time when I didn’t feel unwell or exhausted. The long weekend off I just had has felt like a miracle sent from God.

Hope everyone’s reading has been more productive than mine!

Below is a paragraph or so for each of the books I’ve read/listened to but haven’t actually taken reviews notes for.

Centuries of change

4 Stars:

I’m a non-fiction lover and, my favourite kind is historical. Preferably further and further back. So getting a snippet of each century to see what century offered the biggest area of change in a variety of different walks of life (religion, technology, agriculture, trade, social etiquette etc …) appealed to me greatly. As this book states in the opening, it is only looking at the western world. So the great influences on the same time periods had by Asian populations or Middle-Eastern peoples’ is not explored.

This was a very enjoyable listen for me and incredibly informative. I just wish it had been more of a global view than a western one.


3 Stars:

I loved ‘Abandon’ by Crouch. I adored Black Matter … I could have taken or left Wayward Pines. Regardless, I was expecting big things from this as I’d heard nothing but good things. What I got was, for the first half, a fast-paced thriller that had me genuinely invested. Then came the second half. A repetitive sequence of doing the exact same thing over and over whilst trying to get things right in order to save the world. It’s the main downsides to a time travel style thing. It can get a bit ground hog day. This got VERY ground hog day. So much so that I stopped caring about the characters. Why would I ever care when a death or horrific injury can just be undone by a quick jaunt back in time?

TLDR: Loved it at first but ceased to care very quickly.


3 Stars:

The Death Korps of Krieg are one of my favourite aspects of the 40k universe. Everyone loves space marines, but the Death Korps embody what the Astartes do and they do it whilst being mortal. Nothing scares them, they live only to kill and they are very good at it. They are easily one of the more terrifying foes anyone could face on the battlefield outside of the Space Marines.

The main downside to this book was that it wasn’t a novel. Not really. It was set in two timelines. Before the Death Korps were formed and present day. I get why it was done and felt what the author was going for … but it killed the flow. I wanted a Krieg novel and I got two novellas. The switching between the two just made it hard to get excited for either. It also felt like one of those books where ‘stuff was happening, but nothing ever felt like it happened’.


5 Stars:

I blitzed through this one and fell in love with the storytelling, character work and world building. Some things felt a tad forced but, on the whole, this was non-stop, easy listening enjoyment for me. I loved the character of Einstein and the dynamic between the two main human protagonists. I also felt the antagonists, both human and otherwise, were handled well.

One thing that has soured me on trying more Koontz is reading other blurbs and finding that he has another novel with essentially an identical plot. If he’s a one, two or three trick pony, I’m certainly less enthused by future offerings.

Universe in your hand

4 Stars:

A good jaunt through the wonderful mass of bizarreness that is our Universe. The author guides the reader, in an easy to understand way, through the complex understanding of the universe and everything that goes on at those teeny, tiny levels we can’t see.

Whether you’re a beginner or have had an interest in physics for a good while, there’s something in this book for you. It’s done in a very hand-holding way so is easy to grasp.

10 thoughts on “Stupid Me and My Non-Note Taking Ways – Mini Reviews Happening Instead

  1. 1) Koontz is about a 5trick pony. He has 5 plot devices and just cycles through them, mixing and matching as he sees fit. I suspect he’s good for the 1 or 2 books a year crowd.

    2) If a rating is all you’ve got in you, then that’s all you’ve got in you. While I decry devilreads every chance I get, I am forced to acknowledge that just giving a book a rating is about 100 times better than not recording that you’ve read it at all. I just happen to be on the wordy end of the blogging spectrum so reviews just flow, no matter how roughly (I was looking, last year I wrote about 190K words in my posts. That’s about 2 novels worth. But no way am I ever going to try to actually write a novel!)

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    1. That certainly is a lot of words! Yea, absolutely agree. If I can’t review something I’ll always give it a rating on Goodreads/Amazon/Audible etc … every little helps

      I was hoping Koontz might be a good audio binge for me seeing as how I enjoyed Lightning and Watchers. But I get through loads of audio. His lack of variety would gnaw away at my sanity

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  2. I enjoyed Koontz’s Odd Thomas, it may be a different trick to what you had in Watchers 😉 Booky liked Lightning, which also might be a different trick. And short reviews are way better than no reviews! 😀

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  3. Whenever I see Krieg guys I have a specific song by the band 1914 in my head. Starts with some movie line intro that just fits so well with their background, shovels included. Sucks that the story fdid not work for you.

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  4. I’ll be in the same situation soon since I’ve read good bit but didn’t take any notes, lol.
    I keep intending to try a Koontz book, but I’m thinking to go the Odd Thomas route.

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